World Book Week

I had the pleasure of spending a day with the children at Redlands Primary School during World Book Week.

In the morning, we worked on developing a character for a story book with years 3 & 4. After a little pondering and some jotted notes, each of them managed to develop an interesting character in a relatively short amount of time. I was delighted to see their creations and a few still stick in my mind: the eccentric adventurer with his maps and fine khaki outfit, the woman who had lips the colour of red tomatoes (what a fantastic description!), and the skater-punk with blue hair and eyes! A very talented group of children, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them.

The afternoon was spent with years 5 & 6, and this time, the idea was to develop a character and write a story about them – which in the time allotted, was a pretty difficult task. However, once more, the creative sparks were flying and by the end of the day, there were several amazing stories that were shared.

I was enormously impressed by the standard of writing and how gifted the children were at creating these interesting and gripping tales, in such a short space of time -I even told them I was tempted to steal some of their ideas for my own books!

And from the schools newsletter:

Nick Sharratt and Maria Grima- authors in Redlands this week

The children thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with both these authors this week. Nick Sharratt did a wonderful session with the children on Tuesday afternoon, showing them how to draw some of his characters. They were so inspired! We were pleased to welcome the Reading Chronicle to cover this event, so please keep an eye out for this in the next edition(s).
Maria Grima was also great, working with different classes in school on what makes a good storyand other aspects of being an author. Both authors have contributed enormously to our school focus on improving writing across the school – lots of children are buzzing from both sessions! Many thanks to Miss Palmer for organising these author visits-the children learnt such a lot from them both.