Salmek and the Earth Keepers – Book 2

Finally, Book 2 in The Rainbow Serpent Trilogy is here!

It’s the start of a new school term, or at least it should be. But school is the last thing on Salmek’s mind. She has been given a significant and dangerous mission – to visit the world’s sacred sites and discover fellow children who have been chosen to help save the planet from destruction. She doesn’t have much to go on – the clock is ticking and time is running out.

The Tree of Life is wilting, natural disasters are striking across the planet and developers with bulldozers are standing by ready to destroy native communities that have been protecting the land for thousands of years.

Although she now understands more about how to use her own crystal, Salmek is discovering there are many layers to the task she has been given – the difficulties she has to face challenge her in ways she never thought possible.

She is courageous, but can she outsmart all the followers of The Dark Serpent who are hot on her tail? They want her out of the way – for good this time…