About the Author

Maria has been a bit of a nomad in the past, travelling here, there and everywhere. Well, not everywhere… but a lot of places. She worked for Qantas Airlines and travelled around the world on very cheap tickets, before leaving to spend a few months living in a beach hut in Thailand, where she swung in hammocks, floated in the sea and ate lots of good food. It was then onwards to Australia for a year where she picked courgettes, worked in a café and explored the big cities and outback. She returned to the UK for a while before leaving to travel around India, nearly dying of cerebral malaria in Nepal. Once again, she returned to the UK and worked as an engineer for a telecoms company for 8 years, travelling to exotic (and not so exotic) places in between. Deciding a change was needed, she trained to become a yoga teacher. Her most recent trips include lugging a 10kg backpack for 500 miles across Spain walking The Road to Santiago and backpacking from North to South Vietnam.

At the moment, she teaches a very gentle style of yoga to help people relax and find more peace in their lives. She writes, potters in the garden trying to outwit the squirrels who steal her pears (with no success), bakes a few cakes, reads lots of books, dances a bit when no one is looking, sings in the bath (all genres covered), and is always pondering the next destination to visit… even if it’s only in her mind. She is happily married and currently lives in Berkshire with her husband and their ginger cat Moxie (and lots of pear-stealing squirrels).

Maria - Book Signing