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Magical best describes this book for me. It deals with issues from the esoteric – crystal cities, ley lines, chakras, sacred sites… to the mundane – relationship difficulties, crabbid grandmothers, eccentric neighbours… with warmth and grace, and not a little fun.
The story line is topical; in a world where there is so much negativity, there is a need for the expression of hope in the future, a need for respect for all cultures, a need for recognition of our common humanity. This book meets these needs in spades, as it brings us on a journey from Glastonbury to Egypt and on to India, giving us an insight into the different cultures, as we follow Salmek on her exciting and dangerous adventure – (Salmek’s Crystal – Book 1)  Amazon Reviews


Salmeks-Crystal_ebook_layersOne ten-year-old girl, armed with only a crystal, against all the followers of The Dark Serpent. The future of the planet is at stake.

On a balmy summer’s evening Salmek took her dog, Chewy, out for his usual walk. But there was nothing usual about what she saw – a meeting of the followers of The Dark Serpent. Suddenly aware of the darkness and dangers in her friendly community, Salmek doesn’t quite know where to turn or who to trust.

That night she is given a stunning pink quartz crystal and, to her amazement and confusion, told she can use it to save the world. Although Salmek struggles to understand the power and importance of her crystal, some very dangerous men know exactly what it can do and begin tracking her every move, waiting to pounce.

While visiting her estranged dad in Egypt, things start to fall into place for Salmek and she learns what her crystal can do, but the men that are after her are lurking everywhere. Can a brave ten-year-old girl outfox them all? 


It’s the start of a new school term, or at least it should be. But school is the last thing on Salmek’s mind. She has been given a significant and dangerous mission – to visit the world’s sacred sites and discover fellow children who have been chosen to help save the planet from destruction. She doesn’t have much to go on – the clock is ticking and time is running out.

The Tree of Life is wilting, natural disasters are striking across the planet and developers with bulldozers are standing by ready to destroy native communities that have been protecting the land for thousands of years.

Although she now understands more about how to use her own crystal, Salmek is discovering there are many layers to the task she has been given – the difficulties she has to face challenge her in ways she never thought possible.

She is courageous, but can she outsmart all the followers of The Dark Serpent who are hot on her tail? They want her out of the way – for good this time…


Salmek has always known she has an important role to play in keeping our world safe, ever since she was given her powerful rose quartz crystal in another dimension. Back then, she didn’t understand the vast and mysterious energies of the world – or herself.

Gradually, the true significance of the Earth’s sacred sites, different cultures and how we are all connected have been revealed to her. She’s met fascinating children and elders from all over the world who have shared their ancient knowledge and supported her Journey through the Chakras, enabling Salmek to gradually come into her own personal power. She has learnt more than any school teacher back in Glastonbury could ever have taught her.

In the culmination ofThe Rainbow Serpent Trilogy, she and all the other chosen children are called upon to use their healing knowledge in the ultimate showdown with the followers of The Dark Serpent.

Although they know what they must do, the enormity of the challenge feels overwhelming as the time draws closer. Can 7 children from around the world defeat The Dark Serpent who is intent on destroying everything? If they don’t, what will be left of Mother Earth?